Hey there and Welcome to Altitude Trail Gear!  I am excited about the opportunity to serve you and I am pleased that you have taken a moment of your time to stop by.  My name is Brian and I will be your host for the duration of your stay.  Feel free to look around a bit, I am not going anywhere!

As you can see I am passionate about GPS units for sports and the outdoors.  I Hike, Ride, and Ski while connected to the metrics of these awesome devices.  When I get back to the relative safety of my home I download the files and relive the adventures.  The gpx tracks show me much more than distance, speed, and altitude.

·         I can see the total distance of my climbs and average pace while climbing

·         I can see the steepest gradient and feel better about having a hard time climbing a 15% grade

·         I can see the total amount of elevation gain and descent for the whole adventure

·         It will even break out distance on the flat, climbs, and descents.

·         I can plot the GPX track on a 3D topo and show my friends

·         I can also store it for later just in case I want to see what I was up to on any given day and reminisce in the moment


I still remember the first GPS I bought in the late 90’s.  The Garmin GPS II was huge and bulky but it was the unit that got me hooked on an idea that was bigger than me.  The added security of knowing that while I had the device I would be able to find my way back to wherever I started solidified that dream.  The technology has grown by leaps and bounds since then and I still marvel at the progression.  With online communities such as Strava, I can even see a suffer score and compete across segments when it is safe to do so.  It amazes me how such a tool can change everything about your adventures.


I started Altitude Trail Gear to share this experience with others and ultimately get a device in the hands of every outdoor enthusiast out there.  Just imagine an outdoor arena where nobody gets lost when they are out of cell service.  Where they can look at the contour lines on a color screen and see before-hand the trouble they are heading to with enough room to make route adjustments before they get into trouble.  As valuable a tool as these are for hiking, running, hunting, biking, and climbing.  They are even more fun in the safety of your home with your friends looking over your shoulder while you tell the story.  What’s your story?