Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS-Enabled Sport Watch Review

Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS-Enabled Sport Watch Review

You could be a hardcore athlete or a fitness-obsessed individual who wants to keep track of athletic activities or workout sessions by the minute. How about opting for a wristwatch that lets you keep the metrics of your swimming, jogging, running or cycling programs on your fingertips?

Welcome to the Forerunner 910-XT GPS-enabled sports watch from Garmin that enables you to quantify time, speed, distance, heart rate, elevation, and other metrics while you are engaged in a sporting or athletic activity.

This is a highly sophisticated and advanced Garmin sports wristwatch immaculately ideal for veteran swimmers, long-distance runners, and professional cyclists.

On the other hand, this wristwatch can also be used by budding athletes and sportspersons training rigorously to become full-fledged professionals as well as health-conscious individuals. Since the watch features GPS functionality, the athlete can record the path traversed for viewing later on Google Maps or in Garmin Connect™ -an open-source online community.

The Forerunner 910-XT has been robustly designed which keeps it functioning effectively for years on end and is so lightweight that you won’t even feel that the watch is wrapped around your wrist. This GPS wristwatch by Garmin is loaded with a slew of versatile features that makes it indispensable for sportspersons and health freaks.

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Top Features

The Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS-Enabled Sports Watch weighs a mere 6.4 ounce but punches much above its weight. This watch allows you to measure all specifics while you are running, swimming or biking thereby letting you review your exertions and improve your performances in the long run.

Regardless of whether you are swimming, pedaling or rowing, you are kept constantly updated on distance, speed, elevation, heart rate, and other particulars. Here is a lowdown of the Forerunner 910XT’s unique features:-

Sleek profile and comfortable wristband

The wristwatch is high on aesthetic appeal as well as extremely comfortable to wear, thanks to the ergonomically designed wristband. The slits in the wristband ensures thorough circulation of air and draining of accumulated sweat. The screen is prominent permitting the user to read the displays easily and effortlessly.

Easy to operate and water resistant

This Garmin wristwatch is easy to operate rendering it perfectly suitable to be used for swimming in pools as well as in open water bodies like a lake or river.

It can resist water up to a maximum depth of 164ft or 50m making it ideal for putting on during deepwater diving, paddle boarding or underwater swimming. You can easily find out the swim distance, length of the pool, and identify strokes.

The watch also lets you evaluate your swimming efficiency by enabling you to calculate your ‘swim golf’ (abbreviated as swolf) score.


Reinforced with the GPS feature, the Forerunner 910XT comes handy when you need to review the path or distance you cover while paddling, cycling or swimming. You can extrapolate the metrics on a map or chart later on in order to assess your performance and make necessary tweaks so that you can do better in your onward efforts.

Effortless transition

The wristwatch comes with an automated multisport feature permitting you to transition or switch from one sporting mode to another.

All you need to do is press a button for making the changeover without foregoing even a second during transitioning. You can take off the watch from your wrist and fit the same on a bike, thanks to the quick release mount feature.

Appropriate for using terrestrially

You do not need to buy expensive cycling computers or watches or download pricey software for tracking pace, time, distance, and heart rate when you are running or biking.

For the first time, Garmin has incorporated a barometric altimeter in the 910-XT that enables you to gauge your ascent, descent, and incline when you are cycling or jogging on an elevated track. You can preset the watch to alert you via mild vibrations when you need to take a refreshment break or step on a crack in the track or path.

Heavy duty battery

A single full charge of the battery keeps the juices flowing for a whopping 20 hours which implies that you can focus on your training.

Apt for advanced level training

If you are training at an advanced level, the 910-XYT comes to your aid as the same is companionable with ANT™ sensors.


  • Hardy construction
  • Lightweight
  • GPS enabled
  • Compatible for using with digital and online sensors
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Water resistant up to 50m
  • Ideal for using in a range of athletic and sporting activities
  • Comes with USB ANT stick for transferring data to Mac computers and Android PCs
  • Compatible with Garmin Connect


  • Some of the knobs require extra effort to push or press
  • Many athletes and sportspersons may find the watch a tad hefty for their comfort
  • Some accessories need to be purchased separately in order to take advantage of all the features of the watch thereby increasing one’s overall outlay

How Are You Going to Benefit By Using The Product?

On the whole, the Garmin Forerunner 910XT is a performance-oriented wristwatch, packed to the hilt with numerous useful features.

Not only is the watch comfortable to wear for extended durations but remains in place as well. This is one watch that long distance runners, triathlon runners, swimmers, and cyclists will find indispensable, chiefly due to the robust battery, GPS feature, and barometric altimeter.

Alternatively, the Forerunner is compatible for hooking up with digital gadgets and internet-enabled devices-an extraordinary feature which athletes engaged in advanced level training will find extremely helpful.

Comparison with Other Similar Products

The Forerunner 910-XT is comparable with a range of GPS-enabled wristwatches. For instance, the 910-XT is worth a compare with the earlier versions of the Forerunner model, like the 310-XT, 305 and the 405. The 305 is heavier than the 910-XT and is only water resistant, instead of being waterproof like the latter.

The bezel of 405 is not as responsive as the 910-XT’s and somewhat finicky. 310-XT is the only version that compares most favorably with the 910-XT owing to it being waterproof but falls short when you need to gauge metrics during your swimming sessions.


Closing up, it can be said that the Garmin Forerunner 910-XT GPS-Enabled sports watch is surely the best watch that all categories of athletes/sportspersons can opt for analyzing their performances threadbare as well as improve on their efforts.


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