Garmin GPSMAP 62st Handheld GPS Navigator Review

Garmin GPSMAP 62st Handheld GPS Navigator Review

If you’re a hardcore trekker or a hiker or earn your livelihood as a patrol officer, then you surely must be using a handy GPS navigation unit. And chances are that you’re taking advantage of your versatile smartphone as a GPS navigational system while trying to find your way in a remote location situated far away from the trailhead.

Long gone are the days when you made the most of your handheld GPS unit for tracking and navigation as its use has been replaced by the multipurpose smartphone.

Though the proliferation of smartphones may have considerably dampened the popularity of standalone GPS units, a handheld navigator like the Garmin GPSMAP 62 St might still be indispensable for you. There are a good number of reasons as to why you should go for the Garmin GPSMAP 62st Handheld GPS navigator.

This unit allows you to use powerful and rechargeable AA batteries that last long enabling you to use the gadget effectively for finding directions.

TheGarmin GPSMAP 62st has been constructed ruggedly and is completely waterproof which means it will come to your aid not only as a standalone tracking device but also as backup support when your smartphone is running on low battery. Then again, the unit sports a sizeable UI with an excellent resolution configuration implying that whatever you see is crystal clear and vivid.

Besides the above extraordinary attributes, this handheld GPS navigator from Garmin comes equipped with an array of other useful features that makes the unit a must have for hunters, trekkers, campers, patrollers, and a host of other kinds of adventurists and professionals.

Top Features

  • Barometer-styled altimeter for working out the precise heights and calculating exact bearings
  • Three-axis electronic compass that has been compensated or adjusted for inclinations supplements the use of the altimeter
  • The entire body of the navigator has been chipped out of hardy material that accords it an extended functional life
  • The unit is fully waterproof enabling you to use it optimally even if it gets wet or moist
  • Reinforced with topographic worldwide map and US cartograph in 100k resolution along with relief features
  • Customizable for uploading an assortment of road maps, marine atlases, and topographical sheets
  • Integrate satellite imageries with all your maps and cartographs through the BirdsEye Satellite Imagery
  • The device is also companionable with the open sourced software, Custom Maps
  • Sizable transflective TFT screen with 65-K color spectrum facilitates excellent visibility


  • Makes the most of a quad-helix aerial that enables the GPS navigator to catch even the faintest of signals without compromising on reception quality
  • Comes embedded with a highly intuitive USB connectivity receptacle
  • Compatible for connecting wirelessly to other similar Garmin portable navigators
  • The free Custom maps software that comes handy for transforming digital and physical maps into downloadable versions for your gadget
  • A built-in 100k world atlas and US map with all topographic details including but not limited to lakes, rivers, trails, elevation info, terrain contours, local, state, and national parks, and forests
  • Comes instilled with some unique bells and whistles like geo-caching, wireless sharing, and 5mp camera


  • The inbuilt camera does not capture purple colored items in their natural self; purplish objects are archived and shown as blue colored ones
  • The trip computer and the tracking software more often than not, displays grossly inaccurate mileages; for instance if you traverse a trail extending 2-3 miles, the GPS software displays a mileage of 10-15 miles
  • Locating and sourcing the navigational data takes an unusually long time
  • First you will have to revert back to menu, sift through the screens to find the one that you are looking, and finally call it up
  • The manufacturer has not furnished clear cut instructions on how to use the navigator; there is nothing like a manual, not even a digital version
  • Updating the firmware is absolutely essential before it can be used effectively
  • Getting used to it will take time; most users may not have the patience

Summarizing the features

The Garmin GPSMAP 62st Handheld Navigator is surely one of the best portable tracking devices that you can opt for. It has been built from hardy materials that bestow to it a long functioning life.

The unit has a screen big enough which enables you to view everything remarkably clearly without having to strain your eyes.

It has been outfitted with customizable software that lets you scroll through different maps and a wide array of topographical features. The BirdsEye Satellite Imagery software facilitates incorporating images beamed by satellite with stored maps on your device.

There are a range of add-ons that permits you to get the best out of the navigator including geocaching, and 5mp camera. You do not need to worry about the device becoming dysfunctional in case it gets soaked as the unit is thoroughly waterproof.

Comparing the Garmin GPSMAP with other similar models

The Garmin GPSMAP handheld GPS navigator compares quite favorably to an array of other brands with similar features. For instance, the model can be compared and contrasted with the DeLorme inReach SE Satellite Tracker which is a tad cheaper.

Some of the handy features of this navigator include GEOS-supported SOS interaction, full global coverage via the Iridium satellite network, colored display, virtual keyboard, and Earthmate App for companionability with Android and iOS smartphones.

However, the DeLorme model is heavier in comparison to the Garmin GPSMAP but has a much better battery life. Again, the DeLorme’s tracker has a much smaller screen size.

So, evidently, the Garmin GPSMAP navigator offers you better returns on your investment in comparison to the DeLorme inReach Satellite Tracker.


Summing up, it can be convincingly inferred that the Garmin GPSMAP 62st Handheld Navigator ticks all the right boxes when you weigh up this tracking device with an assortment of other GPS navigation units. You can comfortably use it as a standalone tracking and navigation unit or as a reliable back up to your smartphone.

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