Garmin Oregon 750 Handheld GPS Navigator Review

Garmin Oregon 450 Handheld GPS Navigator Review

The advent of smartphones has led to their replacing an array of portable devices including the mini camera, iPod, alarm clock, calculator, and the humble handheld GPS navigator. Nowadays, since nearly any and every premium smartphone model comes equipped with a GPS app and the compatibility to download Google Maps, opting for an effective GPS navigator would seem apparently redundant.

You can use the GPS feature in any advanced smartphone as efficiently as any handheld tracking device.

Many smartphone models also tend to be lighter than most of the GPS navigator brands. Nevertheless, there are some specific areas where a handheld GPS unit enjoys a clear edge over smartphones, as far as effectiveness and convenience of use is concerned.

For a start, many users who find their cell phones indispensable may not prefer to use their handsets as GPS gadgets as that would mean freeing up a part of storage (space) which is already limited, for archiving maps and atlases.

Then again, majority of the portable GPS units are supplied with battery chargers as well as have inbuilt speakers and dashboard/windshield mounting system enabling them to be installed in automobiles. Most significantly, a handheld GPS gadget comes in supremely handy during any kind of outdoor trip like hiking, hunting, mountaineering, and geocaching in a range of terrains and weather conditions.

A portable navigator is usually sturdier than a smartphone which makes the former more suitable to be used as a GPS system than the latter.

If you’re looking for a hardy, portable, and reliable tracking/navigational device which you can take during your backpacking trips or hunting expeditions, then the Garmin Oregon 750 Handheld GPS Navigator is the best fit.

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No matter whether you’re planning to scale Mt. McKinley or is preparing for an extended trip to the Amazon rainforests, you’ll never go wrong with the Garmin Oregon GPS Navigator. With this navigational unit strapped to your belt, you can take your time exploring the nature without having to worry about getting lost.

The Oregon 750 from Garmin boasts of an array of practical features that work in coordination to keep you on track thereby enabling you to make the most of any outdoor jaunt.

The following is a list of the impressive features of the Garmin Oregon 750 Handheld GPS Navigator.

  1. Portable navigator has been crafted out of premium grade of materials, imparting the unit an extraordinary durability
  2. GPS unit has been certified fully waterproof by the manufacturer
  3. Highly transflective receptive screen measuring 3 inches diagonally that does not reflect sunlight allowing viewing everything fairly clearly even in broad daylight
  4. Users have full leeway in choosing the look of the display as per their preference and convenience
  5. Touch display for navigating and zooming in enables you to view an oversized image of the terrain you’re in
  6. Wirelessly exchange and share routes, roadmaps, charts, topographical sheets, routes, tracks, and waypoints
  7. Download and upload the GPX dossier on your Oregon 750 for perusing and sharing geocaches with regards to location, terrain description, track review, etc.
  8. Triangulated axis electronic compass with tilt-compensation
  9. Barometric altimeter for determining accurate altitude
  10. MapSource Micro-SD Card companionable
  11. Go online with Garmin Connect for reviewing and archiving your trips


  • Easily Hook up Oregon 750 with any internet-enabled device to map your outdoor adventures on Google Earth, explore activities of others using Garmin Connect and share your own on automated social media platforms
  • Includes a microSD card slot inside the battery chamber where you slot in a MapSource card
  • View maps of streets, roads, and routes with details and stepwise directions for reaching your destination
  • BlueChart g2 helps track all your aquatic or underwater activities
  • Built-in digital compass points the direction of the destination you’re heading to even when you are stationary
  • Embedded barometric altimeter detects pressure variations and exploits these changes to work out the exact altitude or height of your location
  • Altimeter together with the compass lets you know about weather conditions in advance, determine elevation changes, and pinpoint location
  • Toughened construction
  • Waterproof
  • Conspicuous display
  • High resolution images
  • 8 Megapixel auto focus camera that automatically geotags photos
  • Preloaded US 100k topo maps


  • The navigator is somewhat bulky
  • Battery life is short in comparison to other similar devices
  • Contrary to what the manufacturer claims, the display is not fully legible in broad daylight

Summarization of Features

The Garmin Oregon 750 Handheld GPS Navigator is an eminently handy device that never fails in showing your location as well as the direction you’re heading to. The built quality is excellent, making the tracking and navigating device weatherproof and waterproof, ideal for using in any type of terrain and weather.

The navigator is companionable for pairing with a laptop or smartphone allowing the user to download apps and Garmin Connect site for assessing outdoor activities as well as archive and share the same.

Comparing the Garmin Oregon Handheld Navigator with Other Similar Models

The Garmin Oregon 750 offers stiff competition to numerous GPS handheld navigators. One portable tracking unit that the Garmin 450 handheld GPS gadget can be compared to is the BackTrack D-Tour Personal GPS Tracking Device.

The D-Tour lets you pinpoint up to 5 destinations and store them, automatically tracks time, altitude, temperature, facilitates data sharing, and lets you upload two days of trip data.

However, its screen size is much smaller, doesn’t have a transflective screen, and its body is less hardy than the Garmin Oregon 450. But at the same time, it costs much less than the Garmin Oregon.


All in all, it can be concluded that the Garmin Oregon 750 Handheld GPS Navigator is a reliable tracking device that serves as a perfect complement to your smartphone when you go on a hiking or camping trip. You can use it for finding your way when it is raining or snowing heaving or when you stuck in a dense forest.

The device pinpoints your exact situation, and the direction you are heading to, and your height above sea level. The unit has some drawbacks as well and is remarkably expensive.

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