GOLiFE Adventurer Outdoor Smart Sport Watch for Men Review

GOLiFE Adventurer Outdoor Smart Sport Watch for Men Review

More and more people are now getting into different kinds of sports to maintain an active lifestyle, hoping to extend their lives and be with their loved ones longer. Triathlons and marathons have increasingly gotten more popular as more editions of these races come up every month. This proves that the people of today are more conscious of what they do to their bodies.
To compete in these highly stressful races, athletes prepare mentally and physically to overcome whatever challenges are placed before them.

It is for this reason that GOLIFE has come up with the GOLiFE Adventurer Outdoor Smart Sport Watch for Men. This watch aims to aid triathletes and endurance sportsmen with their training and race proper by providing accurate data and generating reports that can help them perform better in their sports.

Here are some benefits that an outdoorsman or athlete can get from using the GOLiFE Adventurer Outdoor Smart Sport Watch for Men.

  • Provides Statistics – sports watches provide data for measurements that dictate success in a training program. This includes distance, heart rate, steps taken, weight and calories burned.
  • Serves as Early Warning – some sports watches are equipped with heart rate and pulse monitors that can notify you if they sense a sudden spike in your pulse or blood pressure. These sudden spikes can be a telltale sign of underlying heart problems.
  • Tells Time – what most watches are for, they tell time, and sports watches are no different from them in this case.
  • Helps Locate You – GPS enabled watches track your route and provides a feed of your current whereabouts. This is extremely important in emergency situations.
  • Challenges You – sports watches can now share data over the different social networks available right now and knowing that others can see how you did during your workout provides an extra dose of energy as you would want to look good on the statistics board.


The GOLiFE Adventurer Outdoor Smart Sport Watch comes with the following features:

  • Built-in GPS – this sports watch comes with a high-accuracy GPS receiver that connects and tracks satellites within seconds.
  • Multi-sport Mode – the software installed in the GOLiFE Adventurer Outdoor Smart Sport Watch allows you record your activities even if they fall into different sporting categories.
  • Waterproof – this sports watch is suitable for swimming as it has a waterproof grade of 5 ATM or 50 meters. This watch should never be taken diving though.
  • Smart Notifications – this sports watch can be synced with your mobile phone and enables it to display text messages and other notifications.
  • Compatible with Health Apps – the GOLiFE Adventurer Outdoor Smart Sport Watch also lets you track your steps, calories, distance ran or biked and upload it to different mobile health apps like GoFit or the RUN cloud platform.


  • The GOLiFE Adventurer Outdoor Smart Sport Watch for Men is very stylish with great features like the electronic compass, GPS, and step counter. This sports watch automatically adjusts the time zone, so you don’t have to.
  • This sports watch can be connected to a computer and syncs workouts immediately. It can also track different workouts without having to upload to a computer first.
  • This sports watch can sync with other health apps, as well as different social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • This sports watch has a long battery life and can last up to 18 days if used in a non-GPS mode. It can last up to 11 hours if GPS is continually being used.


  • As with any device or equipment that has just been purchased, it can take some time to get used to the menus. Use it for a few days, and you’ll find that it is quite easy to use.
  • The GOLiFE Adventurer Outdoor Smart Sport Watch has had problems with not being able to continually record water activities like swimming. The lap times would vary and would sometimes stop tracking at all. It is highly suggested that you do not take this watch diving and do not press any buttons while submerged underwater as this affects its performance.
  • This sports watch seems to count arm movements as steps in addition to the actual steps. This is normal for any step counter since their sensors record movement in general and not the “steps” specifically.


With its stylish exterior and great functionality, the GOLiFE Adventurer Outdoor Smart Sport Watch for Men delivers on expectations. It’s GPS, and external sensors make it ideal for any adventurer as it not only provides information about your location, but it also gives you the temperature, humidity and other changes to the environment around you.

The built-in compass serves as a good back-up to the GPS system while the accelerometer gives accurate data when it comes to distances, steps taken and current or historical speed. Data recorded by the GOLiFE Adventurer Outdoor Smart Sport Watch is kept on the cloud for easy access, and it helps generate reports that you would need to develop your overall physique.


Placing this product side by side with the RUNACC Smart Sports Watch, it would seem that they have the same number of features and can do the same thing, but there are some subtle differences where the GOLiFE Adventurer Outdoor Smart Sport Watch comes out as the victor.

  • The first is the dimension. The RUNACC watch is slightly bulkier than the GOLIFE watch.
  • Second is the weight. The RUNACC watch is almost twice the weight of the GOLIFE
  • The GOLIFE can track more activities than the RUNACC although the latter has a heart rate monitor which can be a deal breaker for some.


When it comes to stylishness and functionality, the GOLiFE Adventurer Outdoor Smart Sport Watch for Men has the advantage of having more than what it can carry. Its ability to connect you with your friends and family through smart notifications and fast social media syncing is a definite advantage.

Other features that make the GOLiFE Adventurer Outdoor Smart Sport Watch a clear winner include its external sensors and reliable GPS receivers that track your movement and let you know if you are safe. The measurements that it gives are accurate to a fault, and it can help you become a better endurance athlete.

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